I am a young girl. I'm ten years old. I live with my parents and sisters in one of the most beautiful districts in Cluj-Napoca. The town lies on the Somes River. The river crosses the town and the are many rivers over it. The town is an old one and some buildings remind us of history. If you come and visit this town you will be impressed by its large streets, nice shops, beautiful parks, and sports grounds where children spend their free time. If you are fond of reading you can pay a visit to Lucian Blaga library and to the different bookshops. On Sunday some people go to church and others go to Hoia forest, where there is a beautiful Village Museum, too. Inside the Village Museum the re are peasants&Mac226; houses from all Transylvania. Cluj is a busy and crowded town. People are as busy as bees. Children go to school, students to university, workers and engineers to factories, doctors to hospitals, and even grannies take their grandchildren to kindergarden.

In the afternoon, if you want to relax you can go to the Botanical Gardens where there are lots of rare plants, flowers and trees from all over the world. You can also visit The Art Museum. In the evening, if you are not a TV fan, you can go to the National Theatre, cinema, concert or to a discoteque. From the Feleacu Hill you can have a magnificent panorama of the town by night. So, I hope one day you will come and see my town by yourself. You can reach Cluj-Napoca easily by train, by plane or by car.

DENISA MOLDOVAN, the 3rd form.

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