Our town Sighet

I don't know why but I don't really enjoy talking about it. For those who don't now anything about Sighet, this is a very small town. All the teenagers that I know are very disappointed of what he has to offer us. We don't have clubs so we can't really practice our hobbies or talk to people that share the same interests that we do. We don't have places especially for people of our age where we could spend our spare time. We don't have modern cinemas and usually all the movie arrives here very late. We don't have many stores or big ones so we (especially girls) don't have any choice than to buy what we can find. We don't have libraries that stand for our expectations. And what's the most important, we don't have the possibility to express our thoughts, our feelings and our ideas. The people from here have a very old mentality and we always feel that we aren't understood. But that's a general and proved fact. It's normal that we feel that we are not understood. But in this small town, everything takes proportions. You must really believe in what you think and feel if you want to be yourself and not like people from here expect you to be.
It's very important to have a strong personality.
We shore have many problems but as bad as it sounds, our city is really nice. You know almost everybody and you can make a lot of friends. It's very silence and peaceful.
It's not crowded and if you are a romantic person, it's the right place for you. We have a lot of mountains around here. In this region you can find the most complex and beautiful kind of nature that ever existed. It's so powerful because it has the strength to raise your spirit or to bring you down. That happens only if you have a bit of soul, if you can feel her supremacy. Anyway, people from this part may have a very annoying mentality but they are kind people with big hearts. They always help each other. Even if they have little, they are always prepared to share it with the ones in need. They are also religious people. They fear God and they try their best to live a good life so that they can meet their Creator and are part of this ideal land promised to us. Heaven. Another quality of my people is that they cook extremely well. If you haven't tried one of our specific receipts yet, I encourage you to. I guarantee that you won't regret it. In a few words, our town may be small and pour but it has a very interesting culture and I just hope that someday, others can share my feelings. This is more than a town. This is my life. Our life. And we can't do anything else than thank him for what he gave to us. Maybe we will someday leave this place but as I'm concerned, I won't ever forget it. This is where I spend my childhood. My happiest moments happened here. Sighet will always be in my heart and in my thoughts.

Alina Monika

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