SLOVAKIA - our beautiful country

Our country - Slovak republic (Slovakia), which is situated in the centre of Europe, is young, but with old traditions. It became independent on January 1, 1993. The hard work, creativity and thought of Slovak people have created a vibrant, progressive country.

Slovakia has skillful people, good engineering, chemical industry and agriculture all comparable in quality to those of any other nation. The greatest treasure of Slovakia are its people. The Slovaks are peaceloving, modest and patriotic. The greatest treasure of a nation is its education.

Slovakia has a lot of mountains, lakes, rivers, historical towns and reservations. The capital of Slovakia is Bratislava. Slovakia has about five million people.

People who like winter and winter sports can go to the mountains. The most important mountain resorts are: High Tatras, Law Tatras, Fatras, The Slovak Paradise. There are a lot of hotels, camps and motels where people can stay, sleep and have their meals. People can ski, sledge, skate, cross country ski. Winter recreation in the eastern Slovakia are Drienica, Dubovica, Krompachy, Buce.

People usually like water and water sports. They can travel to Slnava not far from Piestany, to the river Danube or Vah in eastern Slovakia. In the centre of Slovakia there are dams Oravska priehrada and Liptovska Mara. In eastern Slovakia there are lakes Domasa, Sirava, Vinne lake. People can swim, sail, lie in the sun, cycle on a waterbicycle, play football, volleyball.

People can visit historical towns e.g.: Bardejov, Kosice, Levoca, Stara Lubovna. There they can visit churches, historical buildings, museums, galeries. Then people can visit castles e.g.: Betliar, Bojnice, Krasna Horka, Bratislava castle, Spissky castle, where there is usually a prison, collections of guns, furniture, clothes, glass, pictures, old books.

Slovakia is rich in mineral springs. We have a lot of spas with hotels and hospitals or sanatoriums. The most important of them are Piestany, Luhacovice, Bardejovske Kupele, Trencianske Teplice.

Tourists appreciate Slovak cuisine, with dishes such as "bryndzove halusky" (potato dumpling with sheep cheese) and "pirohy" (boiled stuffed dumplings), roast goose with "lokse" (crisp potato pancakes), "harula" (fried potato pancake) or Gemer meat balls.

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