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Presov is an important economic, cultural and administrative centre which can boast long and rich history and valuable historical monuments. Already in the past Presov was, beside Bratislava and Kosice, one of the most important Slovak towns

Presov is the 3rd largest town in Slovakia. It is situated in the east of Slovakia with 93 000 people. It has a lot of historical sights, castles and woods for trip and it has very beautiful countryside. University of Presov is here with 5 faculties: Philosophical faculty, Pedagogical faculty, Faculty of Divinity, Faculty of Tourism and Faculty of Humanities. In the course of time, Presov has come to be an important centre of culture and education, with its professional theatres, a museum, a gallery, libraries, an astronomical observatory with a planetarium, schools.

In Presov there is an office for Ukrainian minority in Slovakia. The first written reference to Presov dates back to the year 1247. The most important historical sight is Catholic church Saint Nicholas. It is the oldest historical sight in Presov. Evangelical church Saint Trojica is the church for protestants. When you go to Presov you should see: Evangelic college, Caraff´s prison, Cathedral church of Jan Krstitel, Bishop´s palace, Ortodox synagogue, Rakoczi´s palace, Saris Gallery and Theatres of Jonas Zaborsky and Alexander Duchnovic. Presov organizes numerous important social and cultural events, and is famous for its sports activities. We have a lot of possibilities for sports e.g.: open air swimming pool, swimming pool, play ground, football ground, tennis courts, minigolf, winter stadium, fitness centers, skating ring, bowling alley, sports hall...

Our woods are very beautifull. We can go to Borkut, Cemjata, Sigord, Bikos, Zlata Bana... There are springs of mineral waters. For trips you can go to castles and ruins: Saris castle, Highwayman´s castle - it is a ruin, Spis castle - it is the largest castle in the middle of Europe.

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