Ciril Kosmac Primary School presents class 8.b.:
We are from 8.b class from Elementary school Ciril Kosma Piran. In our class there are 22 students. And they are 11 girls and 11 boys. Our class leader is Prof. Martin Bobi_. He teaches science. Our class president is Samil ausevi and he is a big footfuner. Vice president is called Magdalena Todorovi, and our secretary is Tjasa Lovri. We have a few sport achievements: Jernej Pa elat has reached the first place on the regional championship in fishing. Jernej was also first on the championship of rowing in Trst (Italy). Marko Klobas was first on regional championship in athletics, with this score he went to national championship and then he was fourth. Some of our girls ( Nina Bizjak, Tjasa Lovri, Maja Vukovi ) have won the first place at the regional championship of athletics. We got one new student named Luka Poganik, he is very quite. Our class was very activie at UNESCO camp 2000. Two of the students in our class were in UNESCO school delegation. Luka Lien is one of the best computer wizard at the school. Nina Bizjak and Magdalena Todorovi are one of the best students in our class. Jani Turk, Marko Klobas, Rok Terelj, Luka Lien and Matja Prodan are in the basketball school team. They are going to play a game with Lucija this week. We have also a few bad boys in our class. We are not going to tell you who they are because you will see them if you come to Piran.
Nina, Marko, Jani, Luka and Mateja are members of UNESCO club Piran. In our class we listen very different kind of music. Tamara is very crazy about Nirvana.

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8b class of Cirila Kosmaca Primary School

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