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The population in 1910 was 7491 inhabitants, now only 4.788 in the old town, 17.500 in the whole community. The full area of the community of Piran is 42,7 km square.

The climate is mediterranean, the average temperature in January is 4.4 C and in July 21.5 C. The typical winds in this area are: the mistral, the southeaster – the so called “jugo” and the north-east wind – “burja”.
The vegetation is also mediterranean like: olive-tree, oleander, stone.pine. palm-tree, rosemary, citrus fruits, etc.

Piran is an old medieval port town, situated in Slovenia. On the end of Pirans peninsula there is the Madona cape, which lays between the bay of Piran and the bay of Strunjan.
The above see level is from 1 to 90 meters.
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