Ciril Kosmac Primary School

Our school has got its name after a well known Slovenian writer »CIRIL KOSMAC«.
The school was opened in year 1950 as an education shelter for war orphans from Portorose.
In year 1978 it has got a new location in Zeleni gaj and slowly a new school was built.. In year 1994 the school has got a new address: OLJNA POT 24, PIRAN in a new building. In 1993 we joined the UNESCO ASP net. Pupils in UNESCO club have their meetings, we participate in different projects, like Time project, we talk about world problems, world heritage etc… What we like most at our school is the last week of September, when there is the traditional International Camp in Piran. A lot of pupils from different countries like Austria, Norway, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Namibia, Tajikistan and of course a lot
of schools from different parts of Slovenia come to Piran for one week. We have different workshops (art, puppet making, origami, mosaic making, petition for improving the town of Piran…), different sports activities where we play with our friends from foreign countries. We always make a lot of friends and are very sorry at the end of the week, when our friends leave us. The school is surrounded by a park called the Friendship park where we play after school.
The school is big and the teachears are nice. In our school we have approximately 550 school children.
We also have a psichologist, a dentist … Of course we also have cleaning ladies, a caretaker and cooks, who prepare good meals for us.Now we have at the school different after
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