Ciril Kosmac Primary School

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school and sports activities The lessons start at 8 o'clock in the morning and finish usually at 13.15. After that we go in the school referctory, where most pupils have lunch. Each classroom has got its balcony, and the classrooms are nice and bright. In the morning we have to breaks, each lasts 15 minutes. The first one is at 9.35 and we eat our breakfast during this break. In the second break, called Recreation break, we play table tennis, volleyball, basketball …

Our school has adopted a new programme – it has become a 9year primary School. So, we also have very little children at our school, they are only 6 years old and the biggest are 15.

Behind the school there is a playground thet we use in fine weather. If it rains we have our sports lessons indoors, in one of the four gyms. Also the gymnastics club FLIP which is the national and European champions have their trainings in these gyms. A lot of students from our school as well as the children from the neighbouring towns are active in this club.After school students can join different clubs ( Club of the Strong, Ecoschool, Healthy School, Computer Patrimonito club, History, Mathematics, Geography and Biology club and of course UNESCO club).

We like our school because the teachers are nice, the school is new, the food is great, it is close to our homes and we like spending time with our friends at school.

We are the best!!

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