Ciril Kosmac Primary School presents:


by Mateja Bregar,
Nastja Stojanovska
Slovenia has a shape of a hen; it is situated in middle Europe and her neighbours are: Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary.

Slovenian area is very stiry. Here you can swim in the sea or ski in the Alps, you can also take a walk in Koèevski primeval forest (but stay away from the bears, we have a lot of them).

If you arn't a nature type you can dance all night in our greatest disco Ambasada Gavioli. The most numerical are Slovenians and Italians, but there are also people from other European countries too.

If you don't like rave music, you can visit our rock festivals (like Rock Otoèec and Novi rock), or jazz nights and jazz festivals.

Do you like horses? That's a great opportunity to see our white Lipizaners, they are beautiful.

If all those things don't interests you, we are sure you'll be happy to see our intermitting lake, Cerkniko jezero.

This lake is the biggest intermitting lake in Slovenia. If you are born under lucky star, you'll see Cerknian witches. Probably you won't see any of them, but you can visit the place where some of them were burnt.

We were talking about lakes, so we should probably tell you about lake named Blejsko jezero. In the middle of that lake there is a small island and on that island there is a church with a bell. If you ring with that bell and think of one wish, that wish will come true. You can wish kremnita (great Slovene desert) that you can buy beside the lake.

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