Ciril Kosmac Primary School presents:


by Mateja Bregar,
Nastja Stojanovska

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Well, if you are on a diet, you'd better see Ljubljansko barje (moor) where birds are flying and frogs are jumping free.

Do you want to spend a day like a king? Visit castle Socerb, Snenik, Otoèec, Turjak If you are there at the right time, you can participate knightly tournaments.

Do you feel like a cave man? Than you have to see the cave Postonjska jama which has beautiful stalactitec and stalagmites and amaizing proteus, or visit the caves …kocjanske jame, which are under UNESCOs natural legacy. We have a mine, Idrijski rudnik, which was the second biggest mine of mercury in the world.

Now you should take a day off in some of our great thermal springs. If adrenalin is relaxing you, than you should descened with kayak.

People say that every Slovene has to stand on top of Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia. Why wouldn't you climb there too? If you're already thereyou can see Triglavski Narodni Park (National Park of Triglav).

If you're interested in history attractions you shuld see mediaeval towns (Piran, Ptuj, Celje, …kofja Loka, Novo Mesto, Ljubljana). If music is also interesting to you archeologist have found the oldest whistel in the world right hear in Divje babe cave.

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