Ciril Kosmac Primary School presents:


by Mateja Bregar,
Nastja Stojanovska
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We have taken care for hand skills lovers. See laces made in Idrija, they are one of the most beautiful laces on the world. You say that is just for women? Than see dry merchandise (baskets, chairs handmade from wood) in Ribnica or made your one willow basket.

After long and tiring day, we're sure that you are hungry. Prekmurska gibanica (another great Slovene desert) is something you should try. If you're already on that part of Slovenia (north east), see storks nesting on chimneis.

If you're in other part of Slovenia (south west), try prut (it's made of pig's leg) it's the best you'll ever try. No matter where in Slovenia are you, you'll always get delicious vine and tasty potica (one great Slovene desert more).

Visit Slovenia in February! You'll participate pust (Carneval). We all put masks on and than we chase (with a smile) winter away.

You can see many different, interesting, scary, nice masks there from kurenti in Ptuj, witches in Cerknica to koromati in Drenica and others.

For everybody who likes to read, our gratest writers (Primo Trubar, France Preeren, Ivan Cankar) have written many iteresting books.

You don't like sport unless it's on TV? Than you've already heard that we've got two gold medals on Olimpics. We have amazing alpinists and extreme skiers too. You've probably heard about Toma Humar and Davo Kernièar. Our swimmers are great too. Martin Strel has swum over whole Donava. Leon …tukelj, our olympionic who died last year wasn't bad either. He was 99 years old and he was in shape like youngs are.

So, you think you'd like Slovenia? Come and visit us, we'll be very happy to see you!

Mateja Bregar, Nastja Stojanovska

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