About our country

Hello! We are children from a small town called Solkan which is quite close to Nova Gorica which you can find in the map. It is in a small country, called Slovenia which is situated between the Alps and the Adriatic sea. Only about 2 million people live here in Slovenia. We speak Slovenian.

Our nature here is really marvellous. We have high mountains (the highest is Triglav- which means Three heads, 2864 m high and it’s our symbol), green forests, deep caves, nice lakes, and some really picaresque waterfalls. We also have a small piece of coast at the Adriatic Sea. Our sea is beautiful and quite a lot of tourists come to spent summer holidays there. Our capital city is Ljubljana, which is in the centre of our country.

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We have many wine areas, because we are well known in the world by a growing good wine and also by a good, traditional food.

Our town, Solkan, is a small town that lies next to the Italian border. Its symbol is old Solkan Bridge above the beautiful river Soèa which is well known in Europe by its special colour and kayaking. In 1001 Solkan was first mentioned in the written sources, so we celebrate its 1000 anniversary this year..

Around Solkan, there are many interesting places. On the north there is the Soèa’s valley, with the beautiful turquoise river Soèa. On the south there is our neighbour town Nova Gorica. On the east there is a well known wine area Vipava’s valley, with a slow river Vipava in the middle. On the west there is Italy, nice and sunny country. And on the northwest there is another wine area, Gorika brda, which is known by the big and tasty cherries too.

Slovenia is a nice county, although its is very small, it has many nice spots to visit and enjoy, so we all like to live here. Well the best thing is to come and see it. You are all welcome.

Written by

Eva Sunik, 7.c

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