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Our school is 145 years old now, but we have to tell you that this is true just for the oldest part of it. In 1977 the new part was built and the old one was renewed so the school is big and comfortable enough for about 800 pupils. Next year they will build even more classrooms and places for canteen and dressing rooms.

We start school at eight o'clock and we finished it at quarter past one every day.

We like breaks, they are 5 minutes long and two 25 minute-long ones after the second and the third lesson. We can have our school lunch after school at our school canteen, which is too small now.

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We have quite well equipped classes for Craft and Home Economics, Art, chemistry, computer science and English, a big gym and a big hall which houses paintings and it is a school gallery. After school we can attend extra lessons of English, Slovene, Maths, Physical and Science. Our students are very successful in many sports. We have two big school choirs which are really successful too and have many concerts for us and other audience.

Once a year we publish our own newspaper called 'Sapica' which means 'Breeze'. We have also our own electronic magazine 'Bridges' about our town which celebrates its 1000 anniversary this year and our school life (http://www2.arnes.si/~bridges/).

We are active in many international projects like The Image with a school from Denmark, the Belslov project with a school from Belgium, etc. You can have a look about this in our school homepage (http://www2.arnes.si/~osngso3s/)

Our school co-ordinates also an international ESP project Art Gallery and we want to invite all of you to participate with your artworks in it. (http://www2.arnes.si/~osngso3s/artgallery_e.htm)

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We also have a Virtual school with interactive exercises for maths, physics and English.

Grega Jug, 7.a (grega.jug@guest.arnes.si)

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