About our town, Solkan

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Solkan is a quite small and old Slovenian town with about 3500 inhabitants It is situated next to a young town Nova Gorica which came into existence in 1952. Both towns are close to the Italian border.

Solkan was first mentioned in written historical sources in 1001, so in the year 2001 we will celebrate its thousand- year anniversary. Although the town was almost razed to the ground during the First World War it managed to preserve some of its ancient heritage. Some of the houses, formerly owned by respected and wealthy townspeople of Gorica, have given the area its own charm.

Economy and tourism 

Joinery was a flourishing trade here from the middle of the 19th century onwards and the joiners of Solkan were held in high esteem right up to the 1950s, even being celebrated by our writer Oton Zupanèiè.


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It was the development of this trade that contributed to Solkan losing its predominantly agricultural character.

Nowadays the trade is dying out. Due to the energy provided by the beautiful river Soèa, industry began to appear in Solkan.

In 1948 a large furniture factory was opened in the nearest village Kromberk, based on the joinery workshops from our Solkan.

Nowadays the valley of the wild Alpine river Soèa provides opportunities for tourism and kayaking. 

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