What is our timetable like?

Hello, I am Eva from Solkan Elementary School, and I attend the seventh class (our elementary school is from class 1 to class 8, than you can go to the secondary school for four years, after that you go to university). I will describe you my Monday’s timetable.

1. Mathematics is an important subject, because we will need it for normal life, when we are grown up.

2. Slovene is also a meaningful subject here, because we must know our mother toungue well.

3. English, well, you probably know what is this subject about, because we almost all learn it. It’s one of my favourites.

4. Next subject is Geography, a very interesting subject, right now we are learning about South Asia, and we must know all the mountains and rivers there, so it can be a little difficult sometimes.


5.The fifth subject is Biology, I like it, but it also can be difficult sometimes, when you must remember all the parts of the human eye, for example.

6. The sixth, and last is Ethics and Society – we have it probably only in our country-, this is my favourite subject, because we have a really good teacher and because we learn about really interesting things, like the Ancient Greek mythology, sociology, human relationships...

7. The seventh lesson is an extra lesson for English. Here we take part in many internet projects. We correspond with students from Denmark, Belgium and now we are in the project with you too.

This is my ordinary Monday at school. I’m tired when I come home, but I know that it is worth to attend school, not just because of friends and everyday things that happen around us, but also for the education that is available only at school and we will all need it in future.

Eva Sunik, 7.c

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