Our wishes

We are two students from Solkan Elementary School. We are in class 7, that means we are 13 years old now. In Slovenia elementary school is from class 1 to class 8, then you can go to secondary school that lasts from 3 to 4 years. After secondary school you can go to university. We start school when we are seven years old.

In this article we will write about our wishes. In the new year we have a lot of wishes and we want them to come true.

One of them is also, that we wish to be a little or even a lot better at school than we are right now and that our teachers will sometimes be less strict. We have to tell you that our teachers are quite good, so we like our school and subjects we learn. It is true that some subjects are more interesting, the others less, but that depends to the students and their interests.

Our menu

In new year we will try to work harder, because we believe that knowledge is of a great importance for our future. We wish that we will all pass this year well. We also wish that children all over the world will have the opportunity to go to good schools and to communicate with other students like we can.

We wish you all the best at school and in your private life. A lot of love,

happiness and fun!!!

Sanja Gorjan & Kaja Draksler, 7a

Here we are together with our teacher, a group of editors of our electronic magazine.

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