Klass 5C, Djurgårdsskolan, Kristinehamn
We often play Kingball

Our school

Our school´s name is Djurgårdsskolan. It means "the Animal Farm School". We have a nice headmaster. Our food in school is quite good. We have food free every day. We have many subjects. English, Swedish, History, Science, Geography and Mathematics. The latest day we finish at four á clock. We start at half past eight. We have many breaks and holidays. We start study English in the third grade and we start another language in the sixth grade. We are playing classhandball and classfotball every year. There are about 1000 children in our school. We go nine years in school. We have the tree stadiums, low stadium , medium stadium, high stadium.We go three years in every stadium. We have a porter, his name is Hans Schäfer.

This is a playground
Here is our schoolyard Jonas
Way home