Klass 5C, Djurgårdsskolan, Kristinehamn

Our town – Kristinehamn

Kristinehamn is a very smal town. The town is situated closed to Swedens largest sea, Vänern.
The largest school in Kristinehamn is Djurgårdsskolan, that goes about 1000 pupils on the school.

In the town there is a ridingschool, the name is CRK. There are both ponies and horses. There are 13 ponies and 12 horses. There are 4 different walker-art, walkingpace, trot, gallop and halt. Halt is when the horse is stationary, walkingpace is when the horse is walk, trot is when the horse is running and gallop is when the horse is running faster. In the ridingschool you get lessons once a week. You ride about fifty minutes, you have to pay sixty SEK per hour.

Outside Kristinehamn there is a runic stone, which has been standing there since the stone age. The text, or symbols on the stone is translated to Swedish.

Here in Kristinehamn stands a Picasso sculpture, which is district of Pablo Picasso.

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