Klass 5C, Djurgårdsskolan, Kristinehamn

Football, riding and icehockey

Seeing that it's so boring to write about Stocholm so we write about football, riding and icehockey. Now over to fotball and the players.

Name: Fredrik Ljungberg.
Club: Arsenal (England).
Pet name: Freddi in England and Ljungan in Sweden.

Name: Magnus Hedman.
Club: Coventry (England).
Pet name: Snus in England, Mange in Sweden.

Name: Roland Nilsson.
Club: Helsingborg.
Pet name: Rolle in Sweden, Legenden in Coventry.

Name: Henrik Larsson
Club: Celtic in Skottland
Pet name: Henke.

Now over to riding,
Sweden has many clever and exprienced riders. Som of them are: Malin Bayard, Peter Eriksson, Maria Gretzer, Louise Nathorst.
Here in Kristinehamn there is a riding school, its name is CRK. Riding is the second most popular sport in Sweden. There are approx. 200.000-250.000 horses in Sweden.

Emma och Johanna!!!!!!!!!!

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