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Summary of Project Idea

The Friendship Tour is an internet based concept which hopes to create a friendly relationship between the countries within the EU and the prospective EU countries. One school class from each of the 28 countries will be responsible for the publication of The Friendship Tour Journal. They will be divided into seven groups with four countries in each. The groups will be responsible for producing the newspaper on a given subject, including text and pictures. Each group will edit 4 editions, publishing a new newspaper every seventh week. The first edition will be published during the Netd@ys Europe 20–27 november 2000. With cooperation from Mactun Data AB in Karlstad, the project has the possibility to work with "Dynamic web publication". This means that the 28 classes each have their own password, which enables them to add texts to their pages at any time via an ordinary web browser, making it possible to have a vital debate, whilst the disadvantages of the ordinary chat line disappears and the possibility to develop this model of publishing increases.

A supplement , The Bright Flight Quiz is included in each edition of The Friendship Tour. A quiz consisting of multiple choice questions. The questions are formulated and illustrated by 7 classes in each edition,and the prizes will be music cd's produced in the participating countries.

Lars-Erik Åhman