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The editions from 2000 – 2001



Mini Theme

1 "What in your country makes you proud?" Pocket Money
Extra The Halloween special from Romania
2 "What do you think about borders
between countries?
Christmas sweets
3 "About borders, continued" More Christmas sweets
Extra The Christmas Book (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
4 If a class from another country were to visit you,
what would you want to show them
, Lucia
5 How much do you help at home? Christmas presents?
6 Should boys and girls help as much at home? Talk about money
Extra From the traditional school celebrations
(Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
7 What frightens you most?
8 When do you feel most secure and comfy? Most dangerous animal...
9 What do you wish for most?
10 What do you need to survive? Popular recreation
11 Unnecessary things Typical menu
12 What do you do if someone is being teased
13 What do you do to make people join in..? Stamps
14 What do you do on a typical Saturday night?
15 What and how much do you watch TV?
16 Does TV adverts influence people
17 Are people affected by violence in films?
18 Do the students have summer holidays
and if so, what do they do?
19 Summer activities in Ljubljana
20 Hunting for wolves
21 Astronomy
22 Crossword. Animations
23 Estonian articles, crossword
24 Norway's National Day,
Start of "Famous persons"
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